Demo 2013

by The Defense

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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ WheelSound Studio by Txosse.


released February 2, 2013




The Defense Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Survive Resistance
Whispers of failure and tragedy marked inside our mind
Visions of a distant past that still we can’t deny
Anxiety take control in a second, let the battle just start in your mind
To find the peace before sleep overcome us,
The struggle deep inside

Let’s survive resistance.

Echoes of past actions we never tried.
Restraining ourselves we create our resistance
We’ll never shine until we leave it behind
And learn to confront them and silence what’s left in the past.

Subconscious voices will rise to decide what’s wrong or right
It’s here my friend when you have to decide to confront or be controlled by them
Got to find inner light that will guide you
Through the path during your darkest days
To take control of your own destiny now is just a step away

Erase your resistance.
Track Name: Regret
My father told me “ Some day we will be judged for all of our mistakes”.
I took for granted every advice all the other wiser people had to say.
But no one told me that life will never wait
And all of them was living in regret
So I decided to forget all their examples and surely walk away

Years later I found acceptance and meaning in life with “sing alongs”.
But soon I realized we can’t change a Thing only writing some songs.
For sure those people inspired me,
But revolution wasn’t enough to be free
They found themselves stuck between Ego trips and No personality

So we could fight
We could win.
But never learnt for all of our mistakes
Always afraid about the chances we lost in the past
We waste our lives in regret

Nowadays I spend my days in this fucking place trying to survive
And the smile in my face is just dragging the hole in my heart
But for some reason hope never faded away
And I decided not to lie myself again
Cuz life became so much stranger than no one ever said.
Track Name: The Day I Lost Faith
All the hate forsaken
All the pain forgotten
I managed to give light to my darkest days

Thought I knew all the answers, but I was wrong again.
I Glued all the pieces of my heart then I realized that

I will not forget the day I lost my faith in you
Your eyes broke those promises that your words would never do.

Cuz This is the song for the one who will never know
And these are the words for the one who will never care

I will not forget the day I lost faith in you
Your eyes broke those promises that your words would never do
So I decided to keep all the fire left in me
Then burn the bridge that filled the gap between you and me.
Track Name: Tragedy
My darkest days were like a nightmare that could never end
Alone, afraid and every kind of hope was left aside
My hate and fears consumed myself to finally understand there’s no purpose behind all suffering

Rejection, they tried to break my soul
Humiliation, leave me behind and all alone
I found true north through the ashes of my fears
Forever clean my face of all those tears.

There’s no point to know what went wrong
It’s better to leave what is gone
And focus our mind what is yet to come.

Defeat is a shadow we wear
Like tragedy marked in our soul
But it is up to us just to let it go